About Us


Throughout years of experience, Southwestern Mill has been able to adapt as a company to supply our customers ever changing needs. At Southwestern Mill customer service has been a priority of ours for the last 95 years and continues to be our mission.


Southwestern Mill was founded by Benjamin Bernard Sterling in 1920 and was primarily established as a paper company. Southwestern Mill supplied customers in the immediate El Paso area with paper products and packaging material.

1950’s -1970’s

Southwestern Mill entered into the market of selling fine paper and business forms. In fact, Southwestern Mill was once a leading distributor of credit card forms to Chevron Gas stations nationwide.

(In the middle seat, of the last row, is Herman Sterling attending a meeting for Moore Business Forms.)

1970’s- 1990’s

Southwestern Mill took on a changing economy to incorporate a line of corrugated products. In the 1980’s when the boot craze began and manufacturing was on the rise, Southwestern Mill supplied some of the biggest manufacturers in the area, such as Tony Lama and Farah Manufacturing.

1990- Present

Our current vision is to actively support and service the El Paso and Southern New Mexico regions for another 100 years as a leading wholesale distributor. These items include, but are not limited to, jan-san restaurant disposables, laundry and warewash, and packaging supplies.

Southwestern Mill’s ability to conform to our customer’s ever changing needs is what has enabled us to serve and grow with our community for over 95 years.